September 22, 2020


Well, haven’t blogged in quite a while and now I am not only blogging but even in English. Ok, parts of this blog are in English already anyway, those parts in which I am pretending to know my job and telling people about it. So I guess it’s ok.

Why I am doing this? Glad you asked!

The wonderful Emy had an idea. She does this sometimes, you know. Having ideas I mean. One might think that’s bad enough already, right? Wrong one’d be. Add the wonderful Piink to this and you’ve got yourself a recipe for driving people mad. Granted, they’re creative, wonderful and awesome but seriously…anyway, the whole thing’s about blogging once a day for a week straight as the the title of this entry might have already given away. I think it’s at this point that I might want to mention that while it has been the idea of Emy and Piink the real culprit here is Tom! He obviously went ahead and nominated a bunch of other people – including me – after they challenged him to take part.

So here I am, not knowing what the effing frick I am supposed to write about, let alone daily. Ah…screw it, I am going to count this one as a valid first entry!

Unrelated side note: I also took this as reason enough to switch to a different blog style again 🙂