Mai 12, 2021

#OneWeekDailyBlogging #3

Day 3 and it’s Monday.

Time for a rant, I’d say. What is it with people in and around Karlsruhe and their obvious inability to get on the lane they need to be in a timely manner? Each and every morning on my way to work – but obviously especially on Mondays – I see the same stupid behaviour. People need to take a specific exit but instead of getting on the respective lane in time they stay on the outer left or middle lane until the very last second, trying to force their way in – or rather out – at a point at which they should have long been on the right lane, thus causing blockages and veritable traffic jams each and every morning.

Hint: if your exit is coming up ahead 50m before this exit is NOT the right time and point to change to the right lane from the outer left one.

There we go. Rant done. Post #3 done.