Mai 12, 2021

#OneWeekDailyBlogging #2

Second day of Emy’s challenge to post a blog entry a day for a whole week. I am already struggling. I have literally no idea what to blog about.

So I’ll just post about what we’re going to have for lunch. I’ll make mini pizzas. All we need for this:

  • Wheat toasties
  • Salsa sauce or ketchup
  • Shredded cheese (Mozarella, Gouda, Emmentaler, doesn’t really matter but Mozarella works best imho)
  • Salami


First heat the oven. I’m heating it to 190°C. Pre-bake the toasties for about 8-10 minutes so they’re nicely toasted and crunchy. Take them out of the oven and spread some salsa sauce/ketchup on them evenly. Apply shredded cheese on this to taste. Add salami slices, top off with a little bit of more cheese. Bake the whole assembly for another 8-10 minutes until the cheese is golden brown. Enjoy.

So simple and yet quite tasty. The salsa adds a nice touch to it, works just as well though with ketchup only.

And that concludes today’s post I believe.