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#OneWeekDailyBlogging #5

Juni 22, 2016 badidol 0

Today’s post is going to be about the fact that I have no idea what to blog about today. So I’ll just throw out some one-liners out there, trying to sum up some words to make a full […]

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#OneWeekDailyBlogging #3

Juni 20, 2016 badidol 0

Day 3 and it’s Monday. Time for a rant, I’d say. What is it with people in and around Karlsruhe and their obvious inability to get on the lane they need to be in a timely manner? Each […]

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#OneWeekDailyBlogging #2

Juni 19, 2016 badidol 0

Second day of Emy’s challenge to post a blog entry a day for a whole week. I am already struggling. I have literally no idea what to blog about. So I’ll just post about what we’re going to […]

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Juni 18, 2016 badidol 3

Well, haven’t blogged in quite a while and now I am not only blogging but even in English. Ok, parts of this blog are in English already anyway, those parts in which I am pretending to know my […]