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Information about this tool
You should always pay attention to where you enter your passwords. This website could easily be stealing your password. We're not storing your entries at any given point in time, but we could! Always remain aware of that.

At not given point in time does this tool connect to a database or send your entry anywhere. As a matter of fact it does not even contain a form as such that could be submitted. Your entry is handled via JavaScript and does not ever leave your device.

This tool can not decide for you. It does, however, provide you with an evaluation of your password which follows our standards which are:
  • Your password must contain at least 12 characters to not be considered weak anymore. It has to be somewhat diverse as well, meaning, it needs to contain at least 2 uppercase, 2 lowercase and 2 numbers.
  • Your password will be considered strong if it consists of at least 15 characters and contains at least 2 uppercase, 2 lowercase, 2 numbers or 1 special char.
  • Your password will be considered very strong if it consists of at least 25 characters and is sufficiently diverse, view previous bullet points for hints.
  • Spaces are considered an added bonus to your password's security.
  • If your password is too easy to guess because it is very common or, pardon our honesty, stupid, it will also be considered weak.
  • Too many consecutive characters are also considered a weakening factor because repeated patterns usually make guessing a password easier.
In general a somewhat safe password is, first and foremost: long. A good way to remember long passwords is to make up a sentence you will be able to easily remember, for example:

There are 4 files attached to this E-Mail.

This password would receive a good score since it contains a diverse mixture of uppercase, lowercase and special characters as well as a number. It also contains spaces and is long. It is, despite of all that, still very easy to remember. All in all this makes it a very good, secure password.