Version 0.0.3 alpha pl1 rev 170802-13
Current income

You are making so much income that the government insists on you paying taxes.
You can now bribe IRS agents.

You have 5 or more amusement parks, therefore the amusement park safety association now gets 15% of your income in fees.

Each walker can handle up to 3 dogs. Each dogs earns you 6.50 €, while each walker gets a salary of 12.50€ and costs a certain amount of € to hire in the first place. This amount initially is 25€ and every next walker costs you a bit more. Your income is calculated every 5 seconds.
You can raise the income by running ads, as soon as you reach 25 walkers. Ads increase your total income by 8% but also cost more and more each time you run them.
Another way to increase your income is to provide your walkers with better equipment such as better shoes or leashes. Better shoes increase your income by 5% for each improvement, better leashes by 3%. As with ads each improvement is more expensive than the previous one. In order to be able to give your walkers better leashes, you need to have at least 50 dogs to walk. Better shoes become available once you have 15 walkers.
Once you have 35 walkers you can give them a raise. Doing so raises their salary by 10%. You can do this 3 times. Each time you give your walkers a raise they can handle 1 more dog.
Once your income reaches 2000 € the government will charge you 38% taxes. You can later on (when your income reached 5000 €, so you can afford it) bribe the IRS agents for a substantial fee to lower this amount by 4%. You can bribe the agents 5 times. Each time costs substantially more.
Once you have 30 walkers you can build Dog Amusement Parks. These set you back a mere 125k € and each park costs you 450€ per tick. These parks also increase your income per tick by 1000€ per tick. Once you have 5 parks you have to pay park fees, which decrease your total income by 15%.
Note: The savegame functionalities are not yet available. This means that your game is running as long as you keep the tab opened. As soon as you refresh this tab or close it your game is lost. In future versions you will be able to save and load your game.




Version 0.0.1 alpha pl1 rev 170728-11
  • basic game released: you can hire walkers and accept jobs
  • ui, design, etc.
Version 0.0.2 alpha pl3 rev 170729-14
  • buttons grayed out if insufficient funds
  • added boosts through ads, leashes and shoes
  • several bugfixes
  • added backend stuff in preparation for future features
Version 0.0.2 alpha pl4 rev 170729-35
  • added raises: you can give your walkers a raise up to 3 times, each raise increases the amount of dogs a walker can handle by 1 and the salary per worker by 15%
Version 0.0.2 alpha pl5 rev 170729-58
  • added taxes: once you make more than 2000€ income the government takes 38% of your income
  • added bribes: once your income reaches 5000€ after taxes you can bribe the IRS
    • each bribe lowers the tax percentage by 4%
    • each bribe costs more than the previous one
    • you can bribe the IRS a maximum of 5 times
Version 0.0.3 alpha pl1 rev 170802-13
  • "Accept job" now adds as many dogs to your dog count as one walker can handle instead of just 1
  • made the numbers a bit prettier to read :)
  • fixed a bug with the buttons, now they're correctly grayed out if you can't afford an action
  • implemented the dog amusement park
    • once you hve 30 walkers you can build a dog amusement park
    • each park raises your income per tick by 1000€
    • each park costs you 125,000.00€ to build + 450€ per tick
    • once you built 5 parks the amusement park safety associations asks a fee of 15% of your income from you because...well, because they can!